Logos are a visual translation for the emotional connection we feel towards a brand. It’s the face of an organization and part of their identity. Have a look at some portraits we painted:




    Ro Theater


    Sad news about the logo... : (

    The Ro Theater ends January 2017. By that time the logo is available for adoption. The logo refers to the ancient Greek Muses Comedy & Tragedy (Thalia & Melpomene)









    International Film Festival Rotterdam


    Founder of the IFFR, Hubert Bals, came up with the idea of a tiger, loosely based on the M.G.M. lion. The IFFR is promoting alternative, innovative and non-commercial films, with an emphasis on the far east and developing countries.

    The iconic tiger portrait is facing you and can easily be drawn by hand.








    Sculpture International Rotterdam


    The city’s international collection of public art, supporting Rotterdam in the achievement of its international and cultural objectives. The typeface has the representation of different views of the subject pictured at the same time, also called multiple perspective, introduced by Picasso & Georges Braque.







    TENT is a platform for 100% contemporary art that has its roots in Rotterdam. The word 'Tent' is the Dutch abbreviation for 'exhibition'. It connects the art of the city to events occurring in the wider world. The exhibition space is housed in a monumental former school building in the Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam.



    Mondriaan fonds


    A publicly financed fund for visual art and cultural heritage. Supporting innovative projects and activities by visual artists, intermediaries (curators and critics), museums and other heritage organizations, art institutions, archives, galleries and commissioning parties. All grants are awarded with a view to promoting the production and presentation of relevant Dutch visual art and heritage in the Netherlands and abroad, where a commercial market is (yet) undeveloped.

    The designed identity has many similarities with the work of Piet Mondriaan and 'De Stijl'.







    BKOR (Beeldende Kunst & Openbare Ruimte)


    There is not a city in the Netherlands with so much art in public spaces such as in Rotterdam. BKOR (Visual Art and Public Space) manages and renews the extensive city collection in collaboration with municipality Rotterdam, businesses and institutions. The portraits' public eyes are watching over the collection. Do you see them?







    Codarts can trace its origins to the Rotterdam Conservatorium voor Muziek (Rotterdam Conservatory of Music). The horizontal lines are an abstract reference to 'music' and the vertical lines are 'figures of dance'. Take a look at the Codarts building of architect Ector Hoogstad and you will find many resemblances with this portrait.








    Fluor is a music venue located in a old toothpaste factory in Amersfoort.







    Van Abbemuseum


    The Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven is one of the first public museums for contemporary art to be established in Europe. The museum’s collection of around 2700 works of art includes key works and archives by Lissitzky, Picasso, Kokoschka, Chagall, Beuys, McCarthy, Daniëls and Körmeling. The museum has an experimental approach towards art’s role in society.





    Now & Wow


    A club and movement once come into existence as a stage for eccentric and exceptional talent without frames and boundaries, will see to talents becoming icons again. And this time icons will be inspired by talents too. Oozing out propaganda for freedom, multisexuality, out of the box mentality and anti stereotype, the interdisciplinary element is, as always, never far fetched.







    She is the girl that invites you to her parties at the great new pop venue of Rotterdam (designed by ZUS). We asked her to make hand-drawn posters for each live act with her signature and she agreed! She now has a small analogue workstation at our office.





    Rotterdam Pride


    Rotterdam Pride dreams of an inclusive city: a welcoming city in which all citizens feel at home and at ease with all the differences that exist between people. A city where everyone feels safe, a town where you do not even need to be with each other but respecting each other anyway, a city where love is celebrated and where diversity is a strength is seen and experienced. The R & P carry the male and female gender icons, 'arrow' & 'cross'.




    Susan Bijl


    SUSAN BIJL is a colourful brand well known for the strong nylon shoppingbag. With its modernist design, signature flash and unlimited possible colour variations, the Susan Bijl bags significantly stand out from other manufacturers of ‘daily’ bags and carriers.





     ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles) researches and intervenes in the contemporary urban landscape with productions ranging from urban plans and architecture to installations and fashion. Within this complex field ZUS find themselves constantly in between two positions: as co-author and as critic.




    Lantaren Venster


    The Rotterdam film art house and jazz venue! Check the program on their website!




    Showroom MAMA


    The oldest, still excisting portrait for MAMA, a platform for visual culture at the interface of art and the umbrella of visual culture and where talent development and programming are intertwined. MAMA is a home to a younger generation of artists, art professionals, and the public.


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