Designing a book is framing a story into a tangible object. We feel this is a meeting between form and content. And are the result of a cooperation between a commissioner (mostly a publisher), the printing industry and ourselves with the contribution of these various participants ever-changing. Browse through a selection.

  • Exactitudes® – Ellie Uyttenbroek & Ari Versluis

    nai010 publishers (order now)


  • Energie & Ruimte – Een nationaal perspectief

    Vereniging Deltametropool


  • Woody van Amen & Hidde van Schie - 'New Romantic Spirit'

    nai010 uitgevers


  • IABR–2016–The Next Economy



  • De nieuwe generatie stadskinderen

    nai010 uitgevers


  • Folkert de Jong – 'Shoot the Freak'

    NAi Uitgevers/Publishers


  • Katinka Lampe – 'Grace'

    99 Uitgevers/Publishers


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